In light of the current Covid restrictions and the fact we have a maximum limit of 150 people in our clubhouse, in consultation with the Bryant family we have made the decision to stagger Jason’s wake.

The family and relatives of Jason will be in attendance during the time frames below and so that everyone can attend and be part of his wake we have the following times set aside for the following organisations that Jason was a part of:

Sunday 23rd January

From 1.30pm – 3.30pm Friends of Jason’s from Port Macquarie Primary School, Port Macquarie High School and Port Macquarie Reginal High School.

There will be a short break while the hall is vacated.

From 4pm – 6pm Friends of Jason’s from NSW Police, Port Macquarie Malibu Board riders club, and Tacking Point Surf Club.

Please be advised that you will be required to QR code in, show proof of double vaccination and please wear a mask on entry into the club and when walking around the interior of the clubhouse, when ordering drinks and using the toilets.

We realise it is a difficult time for the family and Jason’s friends and we are trying to cater for everyone in these Covid times, so please adhere to the following times, we do not want to turn away anyone if we have reached our maximum limit, in the allotted time slots.

RIP Jason

Mick Lang