Club Committees

Board of Management


Mick Lang

Vice President

Mitchell Dawson

Director of Administration

Lynn Smith

Director of Finance

Paul Rayner

Director of Life Saving

Brent Wilkinson

Director of Surf Sports

Richard Broomby

Director of Education

Sarah Rayner

Director of Junior Development

Brett Myers

Junior Activities Committee (JAC)


Sandra Slattery

Deputy Chairperson

Steve Manning


Nicole Chilcott


Louise Moore


Renee Goldie

Age Manager Coordinator

Anthony Hilkemeijer

Water Superintendent

Scott Strahorn

Beach Coordinator

Dave Moore

Assistant Beach Coordinator

Todd Goldie

Equipment Coordinator

Dave Moore

Uniform Coordinator

Denise Moore

Sponsorship Coordinator

Jen McCullough

Social Committee Chairperson

Jacquie McAllister

Social Committee Members

Denise Moore

Renee Goldie

Lauren Manning

Clarissa Morris


Jacquie McAllister

Steve Manning

Carnival Team Manager

Raelene Myers