Surf Sports

At Tacking Point SLSC, we offer a variety of surf sports for members to improve their skills, maintain fitness, be part of a team, and have fun.

Whether it’s swimming squads, board training, ski paddling or surfboat racing, surf sports competition is a healthy and exciting part of being involved with any surf club. It also helps prepare lifesavers for their role on the beach, including enhancing their life saving skills. 



Pathways training for U13s and up is held every afternoon Mon-Thurs 5pm and Saturday 8am.

Visit our ‘Pathways’ page on Facebook for locations and updates.

Ski paddling

Advanced ski training is held every Mon/Wed/Fri at 6am. Please note: This is for experienced ski paddlers only.

Swim squads

Port Macquarie Town Pool offers a variety of swim squads for all ages, including Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri at 6.45am.

There’s also an early swim squad at 5am. Please contact the pool on 6583 1635 for more information.

Sunday Club Challenge

Raelene Myers has done a great job organising the Sunday Club Challenge for members. The challenge is held every Sunday morning at 10.30am at Lighthouse Beach (conditions permitting). We encourage you to get involved, as it’s an opportunity to keep fit, improve your skills and establish some friendly club rivalries!